Average Pennsylvania Electric Rates

Have you ever wondered whether your electric bill is higher or lower than your next-door neighbors? Most of us think about this type of stuff now and then. We want to know if we're being as responsible as possible with both our energy and our money. However, most of us don't go so far as to ask our neighbors what they're paying for electricity. We assume that it's probably about the same as us. We may be assuming wrong, though.

Electricity rates vary widely not only from state to state but from provider to provider within the state. Electricity deregulation means that you can choose a provider that will offer you low cost rates. Electricity is measured in kilowatt hours. You want to select a provider that offers a low price per kilowatt hour. What is a low price to pay for electricity? Somewhere between eight and ten cents per kilowatt hour is a good price to aim to pay. There are electricity providers in Pennsylvania that can offer you those low rates.

Unfortunately, many people in the state don't realize this. In fact, if you peeked at your neighbors' electric bills then you would see that the average rate of electricity paid in this state is 12.71 cents per kilowatt hour. This is lower than some of the surrounding states where electricity can cost upwards of eighteen cents per kilowatt hour so that's good. However, it's higher than the national average of 11.45 cents per kilowatt hour (as reported by the United States Energy Information Administration for July 2010).

And it's higher than what you could be paying if you switched to a low cost electricity provider in the state. Making the switch can save you as much as three cents per kilowatt hour compared to the state average cost of electricity. That may not sound like a lot of money at first but it adds up over time. You can use that savings to invest in other areas of your home instead of wasting it on paying a high PA electric bill. Make sure you aren't paying more than your neighbors for the electricity that you're both using!

Publish Date: 2010-10-18 14:25:25

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