Electricity and Natural Gas Rates in Schenectady NY

National Grid Niagara Mohawk Power (NIMO) is a well-known and respected utility company that provides electric and natural gas service to 15 counties in northern New York. But just because NIMO is the most recognized utility in Schenectady doesn't mean it's the most affordable. In fact, now that New York's utility industry is deregulated, large utility companies like NIMO are often the most expensive option.

But that's no surprise, is it? Large utilities like NIMO have always offered expensive energy rates, even prior to deregulation. Now, with numerous alternate energy providers to compete with, electric and gas rates are decreasing across the state, and large utilities like NIMO are having trouble keeping up. That's why thousands of NIMO customers have transferred to alternate NY energy providers offering lower electric and gas rates.

Thanks to deregulation, Schenectady residents can enjoy the same electric and natural gas service provided by NIMO, but at a lower price. To switch your service to an alternate NY energy provider, simply compare energy rates in Schenectady using our free website. Then lock in the best electric and gas rates in NY by requesting a free transfer in service. It's as simple as 1-2-3!

Don't wait: compare energy rates in Schenectady and shop for energy today!