Compare Electricity & Natural Gas Rates in Rochester NY

Located just south of Lake Ontario, Rochester, NY is one of the most scenic and populated cities in the state. Unfortunately for its residents, however, Rochester is one of the coldest and snowiest NY cities as well. Such frigid winter temperatures naturally result in increased homeowner energy use and energy bills. By now, paying a high price for electricity and natural gas is just something that Rochester residents have come to expect.

Thanks to deregulation, however, it doesn’t have to be that way! Rochester residents can continue to receive safe and reliable electric and gas delivery from RGE (Rochester Gas and Electric), but now, they can pay less for it!

Deregulation lets you compare electric and gas rates in Rochester, and then switch to the NY energy supplier offering the best energy rates in your town. Switching your service is fast and free: there are no upfront fees and there’s no catch. Now, lower energy bills in Rochester can be a reality!

Don’t let another cold winter get you down. Take just five minutes to shop for energy and compare electric and gas rates in Rochester, and who knows? You may be able to save a bundle on this year’s electric and natural gas bills. You won’t know until you try, so shop for energy and compare NY electric and natural gas rates today.