Best Central Hudson Gas & Electric Natural Gas and Electric Rates

You can use the grid below to shop through our Central Hudson natural gas and electric offers. Be sure to update the results by most popular, green companies or even fixed rates to find the best deal! You now have the power to compare and choose your natural gas and electric rate.

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When New York’s state government deregulated its utility industry, consumers were given an opportunity they’d never before had: they were allowed to choose their electric and natural gas supplier. Thanks to deregulation, New Yorkers can now choose from several alternative energy suppliers serving their area. Their public utility company, i.e. Central Hudson Gas & Electric, will continue to deliver energy to their home - but now, at a rate that fits their budget.

Central Hudson Gas & Electric serves more than 70,000 electric and natural gas customers in New York State’s Mid-Hudson River Valley, extending from the suburbs New York City northward to the state capital of Albany. Thousands of Central Hudson’s customers have already chosen a NY energy supplier offering better rate options, and, in doing so, have potentially reduced their monthly energy bills. If you would like the option of choosing your electric and natural gas rate, use our website to compare energy prices in NY and transfer your service to the best energy supplier serving your town. The process is fast, simple, and 100% free!

Whether you live in Beacon, Newburgh, Poughkeepsie, Rhinebeck, Warwick, Kingston, Lexington, New Paltz, Catskill, or Coxsackie, take advantage of your right to choose and compare NY electric and natural gas rates today!