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New York winters are notoriously cold. While falling snow can be a beautiful sight, the frigid temperatures necessary for these crystalline flakes can lead to pricey utility bills - in particular, one’s monthly natural gas bill. Fortunately there’s a way for New Yorkers to appreciate and welcome a winter wonderland without stressing over their next monthly gas bill. Just take a few minutes to transfer your natural gas service to an alternate NY natural gas company offering a better natural gas rate!

More than 250,000 residents of such cities as Plattsburg, Mechanicville, Lockport, Ithaca, Geneva, Binghamton, and Brewster rely on NYSEG for their natural gas supply and distribution. But what if there was a way to have the same natural gas distributed to your home or business - only now at a rate that worked for your budget? Thanks to deregulation, there is! New Yorkers can compare natural gas prices of alternate NY natural gas companies, and then switch their service to the company offering the best gas prices. Transferring your service is fast, easy, and free. Thousands of NYSEG customers have already switched their service and now you can too!

The sooner you choose an alternate NY natural gas company, the sooner you’ll be able to choose your new rate... so don’t wait, compare natural gas prices in NY today!