Compare Energy Rates in New Hampshire

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In 1996 the state of New Hampshire passed legislation that created retail choice in the energy market. What this means is that there was no longer allowed to be a single supplier of power in the state but rather that there would be many different companies competing with one another to offer the best rates to customers. Although this deregulation of energy has been an option for more than a decade now, a large percentage of New Hampshire residents continue to get their power from the default provider in the state, which is Public Service of New Hampshire (PSNH).

Although PSNH is one option, it may not be the company offering the best energy rates at any given time. As a customer you should shop around and compare New Hampshire electric rates to choose the supplier that will give you the best deal. After all, why pay more for your energy than you need to? No matter which company you choose, PSNH will continue to deliver the electricity to your home without service interruption; you’ll just be paying less for it!


Deregulation happened at the state level, so this option to choose the lowest cost New Hampshire energy supplier is available throughout the state. Whether you live in Conway, Dover, Keene, Nashua, Lancaster or Loudon, you can probably pay a lower power bill tomorrow than you are paying today. Just take a moment to compare providers right now and see if a lower rate is available to you.