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Did you know that Maryland has higher average electric rates than any other state in its region of the United States? Electricity is measured in kilowatt hours. When you compare the price per kilowatt hour of Maryland with that of the surrounding states in the region, you see that Maryland residents are paying a lot more for electricity than their neighbors are. And if you're paying higher than the average in MD then you're really paying more than your neighbors!

A report on June 2010 electricity rates issued by the U.S. Energy Information Administration shows that the average electricity rate for the South Atlantic Region is only 10.76 cents per kilowatt hour. However, the average electric rate in Maryland is much higher at 14.57 cents per kilowatt hour. Maryland has higher average electric costs than all of the either other states in its region (including Washington DC).

In fact, the total average electricity rate for the region is actually lower than the national average of 11.32 cents per kilowatt hour. Maryland, Delaware and DC are the only areas in the South Atlantic that exceed the national average in terms of average rates for electricity. Maryland's rate is almost a full cent per kilowatt hour higher than either of the other locations.

So does this mean that if you live in Maryland you are doomed to pay high electric bills? Of course not. Electricity has been deregulated in this state which means that customers can choose to purchase their electricity from the supplier of their choice. Many MD electricity companies are offering rates that are much lower than the average rate for the state. In fact, some companies are offering rates that are lower than both the national average and the region average.

By switching to a lower cost electricity supplier, you can reduce the total amount that you are paying each month when the energy bill comes. You'll also reduce the actual amount you spend per kilowatt hour. Let your neighbors in Maryland and the surrounding states pay those high average rates. Just don't let that high paying customer be you! Compare electric rate prices and receive the best MD electric rate.

Publish Date: 2010-10-12 19:38:48

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