NStar Boston Edison Electric Rates

You can use the grid below to shop through our NStar Boston Editon energy offers. Be sure to update the results by most popular, green companies or even fixed rates to find the best deal! You now have the power to compare and choose your electric rate.

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Unfortunately for its many residents, the state of Massachusetts consistently boasts some of the highest electric and natural gas rates in the nation. And with its cold winters, MA homeowners are forced to run the heat whether they like it or not. So what’s the solution? Is it even possible to lower one’s electric bill in Massachusetts? Of course it is! All you need to do it shop for energy!

NStar Boston Edison is a public utility company serving more than 650,000 residents in 40 towns and cities in the Boston area. Prior to electricity deregulation, consumers in these towns had only one choice regarding their electric supplier -- they either purchased electricity from NStar Boston Edison, or they went without. But now, thanks to deregulation, consumers can shop for energy, compare electric rates and independent electric providers, and choose the provider offering the lowest electric rates in MA. It takes just a few minutes to compare electric rates and providers, and the savings can last a lifetime. Plus transferring your service is 100% free.

Whether you live in Boston or a nearby city or suburb, you can now say "no" to NStar Boston Edison’s expensive rates and switch to a more affordable MA electric provider. Lower electric rates are just a few clicks away, so take advantage of deregulation and shop for energy today!