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In 1850, Peoples Gas became the first utility company in the city of Chicago, responsible for lighting the city’s many street lamps with natural gas. Today, Peoples Gas serves more than 800,000 customers throughout Chicago, IL. Yet with its rich history and hundreds of thousands of customers, many Chicagoans are choosing to switch their natural gas service to a more affordable, independent IL supplier. Keep reading to learn how you can do the same!

Thanks to deregulation, large utility companies are no longer your only energy option. Deregulation lets Illinois consumers purchase low-cost natural gas from independent IL natural gas suppliers. After switching your service to a more affordable alternative, Peoples Gas will continue to deliver the natural gas to your home. You’ll continue to receive safe and reliable natural gas service and just one natural gas bill per month -- only now that bill will be significantly less!

The purpose of deregulation was to increase competition in the utility industry and lower electric and natural gas prices for consumers. And that’s exactly what the program has done. Peoples Gas now works with licensed, low-cost independent IL gas suppliers throughout the state so that you -- the consumer -- can save money on natural gas bills.

So why wait? Shop for energy, compare natural gas prices, and switch to a low-cost IL natural gas supplier today!