The History of Georgia Natural Gas Deregulation

Did you know that the state of Georgia has deregulated natural gas? This means that consumers have the right to choose who supplies their natural gas. Many customers don’t realize this and continue getting their natural gas from the major providers despite the fact that this can often be a waste of money. A brief understanding of the history of natural gas deregulation in the state can help you as a Georgia customer see why it is important to take the time to locate the best natural gas provider for you.

Natural gas deregulation in the state began in 1997. At that time the Georgia Legislature passed Senate Bill 215. This allowed Atlanta Gas Light Company to begin storing and distributing natural gas in its facilities. It also allowed marketers to begin selling this natural gas to consumers. Governor Zell Miller signed the bill into law and natural gas deregulation began in the Atlanta Gas Light Company service area on July 1, 1998.

In 2002 another important bill went into effect. It was House Bill 1568. This bill had the effect of charging the Georgia Public Service commission with expanding consumers’ rights in the area of natural gas deregulation. Ever since this bill went into effect customers in the Atlanta Gas Light Company service area have had a lot of power to select the natural gas supplier of their own choosing.

You may not have paid much attention to these important bills when they went into effect. However, it took some hard work to deregulate natural gas in the state and it is work that can pay off for you. Thanks to these bills you have the right to get your natural gas supplied to you by a low cost supplier that may offer you better rates than the current market rate offered by Atlanta Gas Light Company. Taking the time to seek out those better rates means that you empower yourself and save money each month on your GA natural gas bill.

Publish Date: 2011-06-09 10:30:31

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